Every water system has valves—devices that regulate, stop, or start the flow of water in the distribution lines. Being able to operate these valves at a moment’s notice is extremely important. In an emergency, sections of a distribution system may need to be shut down without delay.  However, municipalities throughout North America are faced with aging water distribution systems and are not able to complete all of the maintenance that is required.  If a valve is not used over a period of time it can seize-up from corrosion and get stuck, making the valve inoperable. 

CP Systems rehabilitates defective and faulty valves by utilizing a confined space entry and applying applications that may include:

  • Replacing/Repairing actuator or gear box within valve assembly
  • Bolt Replacement
  • Sacrificial Anode installation
  • Wrapping the valve with wax petrolatum tape
  • Ensuring valve is in good working order

Identifying the corroded valve

Installing a new actuator

Wrapping the valve with petrolatum tape and sacrificial anode installation