Hydro Vac Excavation

Underground utilities are becoming more and more congested as they are adapted to accommodate higher demands.  This has lead to increasing safety as well as financial concerns when there us a need to locate and expose such utilities.

Numerous municipalities and private contractors within Ontario have depended on our speed, safety, and experience.  We provide Vacuum excavation for numerous applications from underground utility locates, water main breaks / leaks, sewer and culvert flushing to major excavations and dig ups.  A 24 hr emergency Vacuum truck is also available upon request.

C.P. Systems offers a low impact non-invasive excavation alternative that is safe, effective, and efficient. By combining these and other related services with competitive pricing, vacuum excavation has proven to be the method of choice when making decisions regarding dig ups that require safety and efficiency. Hydro Vac Excavation is useful for the following:

  • Locating Utilities 
  • Trenching
  • Day-lighting

C.P. Systems is an ongoing member of ORCGA (Ontario Regional Common Ground Alliance) and a proud member of the HVAO (Hydro Vac Alliance of Ontario)

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